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The following eBook publications are for the use of Club Members only. They have been successfully digitized and are available to all members for perusal and use, free of charge, through the Club web site.

The 'HOW TO' eBook explains the layout and controls of the eBook system, it is recommended that you read the instruction booklet before commencing.

The How To guide to L.E. Velo eBooks

Clicking on the eBook links below will open the eBooks in a new screen view.  The eBooks are listed as follows:-


                        1. The Care of Motor-Cycle Tyres                        2. Miller Maintenance for A.C. Generator Sets


           3. Owner's Handbook for the L.E. Model ~ 1953                4. Owner's Handbook for the L.E. Model ~ 1955
                         Covers the Miller AC3P Generator                                       


                    5. The L.E. Velo Club Technical Notes                           6. Lucas M3 Starting Motor Service Sheet
                                                                                                                               For the Viceroy Scooter 


       7. BTH Combined Generator & Ignition Instruction Book


The Publications are in digitized format for which Flash Player will be required. This is available free and can be downloaded from a lot of web sites or from the link below.

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