We are pleased to announce that with the gradual easing of the Covid-19 restrictions by the UK government, the spares team at Bullers End are preparing to return.
Please note the following. These dates are important.
• You must not submit any orders until week commencing the Monday 17th of May.
• We will start dispatching spares on Fri the 28th of May.
• Due to the expected pressure on the spares team, we cannot admit visitors until Fri June 18th.
• To assist, please ensure that you use the official order form and include your return address label.

Our volunteers picking, packing, and dispatching spares have been adversely affected by age and health issues during the last twelve months. As a result we need new people for this is an unpaid role which requires reasonably regular attendance on Friday only between the hours of 10am and 2pm. The layout of the building necessitates that volunteers are able to negotiate stairs.