List of usual remanufactured part stock and copy of Order/Enquiry form (2 copies) are sent on receipt of a Stamped Addressed Envelope.

Order from list by sending correct payment plus 20% Postage and Packing and a return label with your address.

Members from abroad must send order details and payment, plus 35% Postage and Packing with an added 5% charge of the parts only costs to cover the PayPal facilities.. Overseas members can now use the PayPal facility for ordering spares. All overseas orders that are to be made via email and paid via PayPal must go direct to Trevor Aston our liaison member, contact details are printed in OTL. Trevor will then sort out the enquiry/pricing direct with Bullers End and reply to you. All PayPal payments will be handled by Alan Britch. Orders may still be placed direct with Bullers End but if payment is required by PayPal your contact email address must be included with your order.

Other parts enquiries must be on Order/Enquiry form (2 copies) using correct part numbers with a Stamped Addressed Envelope.

To order send quote and cost to L E Velo Spares.    Always send a Stamp Addressed Envelope to ensure reply. Full details are in OTL.
Always send a Stamp Addressed Envelope to ensure reply.


The Club has most of the special tools needed. Send details of your needs with £15 per tool deposit. Please make your cheque payable to A Smith and send to Andy Smith, 292 Spendmore Lane, Coppull, Chorley, Lancs, PR7 5DE .  Please include your telephone number if any query is required.

Tools must be securely packed and returned in good condition by Parcel Post within 6 weeks of receipt when balance of deposit will be refunded.


Send full details of machine and problem and Stamped Addressed Envelope to Tech Secretary Charles Phillips  32 Yew Tree Avenue  Ockbrook  Derby  DE72 3TB


The Club is approved by the DVLA to re-register unlicensed machines with their original registration marks and also provide dating certificates in order to make a successful application for an age related registration. To download the Club Information leaflet click HERE

Send full details of machine to the Club Historian D Frost  16 Atwell Place  Thames Ditton  Surrey  KT7 0BP, who will send any archival material and information to aid restoration.

The printed Service Manual and the separate illustrated Spare Parts List for the L.E. Mk.III model are available from the club’s Spares Scheme. Click on the “Spares List” heading on the web site’s opening page. These cost £8 each – post free in the UK.

Service publications for all other models are available in photocopied form. More details, including prices, are available from the Club Historian.


If you have or need information write to J Dodd  18 Greenfield St  Audenshaw  Manchester  M34 5NW


The Club is a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, which campaigns on behalf of historic vehicle owners. regular updates and reports appear in the Club magazine. Our Liaison officer is D Frost  16 Atwell Place  Thames Ditton  Surrey  KT7 0BP

CAMSHAFT REAMER (Awaiting Appointment)


Send securely packed flywheel along with £15 payable to Mr C A Beney  10 Ryecroft Road  Chesham  HP5 1JX.  The balance of the deposit will be returned with the flywheel. All deliveries to be notified in advance by phoning 01494 786180 so delivery can be expected. Personal visits are also welcome.


This conversion is needed due to unavailability of the original Miller points. Send the stator plate with the coils in place, securely packed with a cheque for £33 payable to ANGLE ENGINEERING LTD to BRIAN BARRETT, Llys-Y-Coed, Capel Iwan, Carmarthenshire, SA39 9LT. Deliveries to be notified in advance by phoning 01559 372278, personal visits welcome. The price includes for new points, condenser and return postage.


Send hub or complete wheel, cleaned and with bearings removed to CRITERION (Engineers) Ltd  Greenoak  Bishopstone  Swindon  Wiltshire  SN6 8QA (tel: 01793 790219) securely packed with a return address and contact telephone number clearly marked. Worn splines are replaced with a welded-in insert. Complete wheels only will then have the brake drum skimmed to remove distortion and scoring. We can also skim drums in front wheels if required. Cost from £75.00


John Crocker will machine and insert seats (approx £35 per seat) to fit each Valiant head he receives. Asking him to also fit new valve guides from the Club's spare scheme at the same time will allow John to produce fully overhauled cylinder heads, capable of running on lead-free fuel. Valiant cylinder heads, cleaned and stripped of all fittings, should be sent for evaluation to:

CRITERION (Engineers) Ltd  Greenoak  Bishopstone  Swindon  Wiltshire  SN6 8QA (tel: 01793 790219) securely packed with a return address and contact telephone number clearly marked.


Send clean heads, securely packed, with cheque for £10 per head or £18 for a pair plus £5 for return post and packaging, to Brian Barret Llys-Y-Coed, Capel Iwan, Carmarthenshire, SA39 9LT.

Please make your cheque payable to ANGLE ENGINEERING LTD


Send the securely packed armature (not the flywheel) and bakelite housing with brush holder assembly with £20 payable to Angle Engineering Ltd. Send to Brian Barret Llys-Y-Coed, Capel Iwan, Carmarthenshire, SA39 9LT. All deliveries to be notified in advance by telephoning 01559 372278. Personal visitors welcome. A test report plus estimated cost of recitation (e.g. brushes, magnets, commutator skim, rewind) will be sent before proceeding.


A general overhaul costs £30, including return post and packaging, cheques should be made payable to D Dunstan. If new gears are needed, a quotation will be provided for the extra work. Send pump, cleaned and securely packed to Dennis Dunstan,  Ingledene,  Laxton,  East Yorkshire  DN14 7TP

CLUB PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM (Awaiting Appointment)


The colour is L.E. VELO CLUB GREY. TEKALOID COLOURMIX  BM87 M32 used with BC19 K90 undercoat. U.K. suppliers are

BREAKWELLS PAINTS,  Walsall,  West Midlands. Tel: 01922 400444 Fax: 01922 400555

AVENUE GROUP, Colnbrook, London Tel: 01753 686888 Fax: 01753 684684


Overseas members wishing to order spares for their machines may pay using  PayPal facilities. You may require a PayPal account for this service.

If all the spares required by an overseas Club member are on the web site list, you should make a list of the spares required in numerical order, calculate the total price of the parts, then add 40% (35% postage + 5% PayPal fee). Send a copy of your order & cost by email to When approved, please pay the cost of your order to (PLEASE NOTE this is not an email address, it is who the payment is made to from your PayPal account).  If not paying by PayPal, deduct the PayPal fee.

Any enquiry by an overseas member for parts not found on the web site should be sent to and await notification as to availability and price. If available, the member will be notified and then can place the order along with any other parts using the method above.

Orders may still be placed direct with Bullers End but if payment is required by PayPal your contact email address must be included with your order.

Post and Packing

All overseas members must add 35% to the cost of the parts to cover post and packing plus 5% to the total cost of the spare parts cost to cover the PayPal facilities.. (Amended 02/11/2012)

Initially, the parts and part numbers that are required must be sent via normal post direct to our Spares Department at Bullers End. If you require to make payments using the PayPal facilities your email address must also be included. The order will then be processed  and a payment will be asked to be made, you will then be emailed with details of how to pay at this time. When your payment is received, the Spares Department will be informed to dispatch the goods.

If making enquiries please enclose an addressed label for the reply.

Note, a small charge will be added to cover the cost that PayPal will make dependant on the value of the transaction.

(All parts and part number can be obtained from the Spares List on this web site)


The Club owns an extensive collection of Velocette factory produced engineering drawings.  Most of these detail individual components for the L.E. and subsequent models, although there are also some general arrangement drawings.  Over 2000 drawings have been converted into an electronic format and are listed in a 42 page catalogue, which is available to members and costs £8.00 (including postage and packing).

Paper copies are available of any drawing listed.  Prices range in from £1.00 - £8.00 each, depending on size.


The Club bought most of these drawings in 1992. Twenty years earlier, a London-based Velocette dealer — Littlejohn — acquired the rights to manufacture the L.E. and Veloce Limited’s other post-WWII lightweights after the firm had gone into liquidation. The purchase included the remaining Factory parts stock and a lot of related paperwork, including drawings. Littlejohns had no intention of re-manufacturing the L.E. Instead they did little more than offer a mail order parts service. Most of the drawings remained in store — some stuffed into plastic bags, others rolled up and tied with binder twine. A priceless archive, detailing the history of one of Britain’s most famous motorcycle firms, spent 20 years in lock-up garages and under the stairs of the Littlejohn’s family home.

By 1992, many of the drawings were in poor condition — water damaged, torn, or so tightly rolled up they could not be opened without irrevocable damage being caused. A small group of volunteers — acting on advice from skilled paper conservators — have restored the collection listed here. The restored drawings were then placed on a scanner and the information they contain copied into a digital format. Manchester member Alan Britch spent two years creating this computerised database. Copies can now be produced at the press of a button, leaving the fragile original drawings untouched.

The Club owns many more drawings and other paper artefacts – amounting to the country’s largest archive of original documents originating from a single UK motorcycle manufacturer.

Sadly, many of these items are too badly damaged to be included in this catalogue. The Club has applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund for help towards the cost of the skilled conservation work necessary to restore the archive and make it available to a wider audience.


Veloce Limited’s drawing office was a light, airy room at the front of the single-storey factory facing York Road. For many years the office was headed by George Wilkes, and his initials — HGW — are present on many of the surviving drawings. All drawings were produced in-house by skilled draughtsmen using traditional materials — tracing paper and a sharp pencil, with Indian ink for the dimensions. Pre-WWII, even the basic template of each drawing was produced by hand. Post-war a pre-printed layout was used. Veloce’s drawings were produced to the highest standards — to be expected of a company who had a reputation in the Black Country as being top flight engineers, quite apart from building first rate motorcycles.

A letter suffix was used to identify a drawing’s size. Thus a drawing with a code ending in Z — the smallest — measures 10in x 8in, the old quarto size. In contrast, a drawing bearing an L suffix is nearly a metre square. Velocette produced a drawing of every motorcycle component — often full size — which listed the material from which it was made, the finish and any heat treatment process used. Drawings were individually numbered — in the bottom, right-hand corner — using a derivation of the part number illustrated combined with the letter code already mentioned. For example, part LE101, Flywheel Oil Seal Housing, was produced on a drawing numbered LE101Z.

Additionally, there are small quantities of drawings having other identification codes. Check in the catalogue’s third Description column to identify these.

Sample Drawings


(Click on picture to view larger image)

The catalogue, and any subsequent drawings, are available from:-

Alan Britch
10 Dante Close
M30 9DT 

All cheques should be made payable to the L.E. Velo. Club Ltd.



Velocette numbered their motorcycles’ component parts from the earliest days. However it was in the early Twenties that a comprehensive identification system was developed. The driving force was Ethel Goodman — Percy and Eugene’s sister — who was to marry works rider George Denley, himself soon to become Veloce’s first sales manager. Ethel devised a ‘standard list’ — basic parts such as nuts and bolts that were common to the whole motorcycle range. She gave these parts, logically, a ‘SL’ part code — still in use when the L.E. model was produced forty years later.

The first design of a particular part was given a simple identification code — for example LE113, Cylinder Head Gasket. Later developments of the same component were allocated a revised code — LE113-2, LE113-3 etc.

The drawings in this catalogue are arranged in groups by the part’s letter code — also in number order, as follows:

A -      Parts common with other Velocettes — tools, number plates.

BT -    Viceroy Scooter gearbox and final drive (T for transmission) parts.

LAS -   An assembly of LE parts – e.g. a gear lever with its pressed in bushes, a crankshaft etc.

LE -     L.E. parts, of course. But remember that, as the Valiant and later the Vogue were substantially L.E.- based, many of their parts are identified by this code too.

LEX - Experimental parts. New components for L.E. – based models that were under development. Many became production parts.

SE -     Industrial (Stationary) engine parts.

SL -     Standard parts — as already explained. Nuts, bolts studs and washers. Also piston rings.

SS -    Salvage schemes. Methods of reclaiming parts that would otherwise be scrapped. For example SS10A, a sleeve to reclaim a bearing housing accidentally bored oversize.

TA -      Viceroy parts.

TAS -   Assemblies of Viceroy parts.

TF -     Viceroy frame parts.

TS -      Viceroy engine parts.

TW -     Viceroy wheel parts.




OTL binders can be obtained from Bullers End


Requests to borrow these should be made to the Club Librarian Mr D Rix (contact details in the Club magazine) please include a Stamped Addressed Envelope.


Adverts cost 2p per word (4p for non-members) with a minimum of 40p. Send stamps or cheque payable to C ROBERTS.
Adverts will not appear unless the cost is sent with the advert.


Send typed or untyped articles on any subject to the Editor. Typed items (12 pts Arial Font) must be single spaced and on one side only of A4 paper with 1/2" to 3/4" margins, using good black ribbon. Photographs should have good contrast for good reproduction and can usually be returned if requested. Also articles can be sent on disk or e-mail to The Editor if less than 1 MB