The Club Spares Scheme fulfils a vital role in helping members restore and keep machines on the road. It is run by a band of dedicated volunteers based in the Midlands working from Bullers End in Walsall. The services of the scheme are only available to paid up members of the LE Velo Club.  In order to keep the scheme running efficiently it is also important that in all cases, members follow the fairly simple procedure detailed below.

First of all, it is essential to know the correct part number and description for the items needed. These can be obtained from the appropriate illustrated Parts List, which are available (for each model) from the Spares section and from the Club Historian, Dennis Frost. (See  On The Level for details).  These lists are also a great help in reassembly!

Ordering By Post

To order items from the current Stock List by post send clearly printed details of your order on the Order Form, in duplicate, with the correct remittance (payable to the LE VELO CLUB LTD) including P&P and include a self addressed label.

We aim to offer a postal service 50 weeks of the year. However, members who wish to collect bulky items by personal visit may do so by appointment.

Other Parts

Although we cannot supply every part for every model we may nevertheless be able to help with some items not listed here. We have a large stock of ex-factory new and second hand parts - too extensive to list. You must use the correct NCR Enquiry Form obtainable from Bullers End on receipt of a SAE, or download the order/enquiry form from HERE (2 copies please). The completed form (using correct part numbers and descriptions) should then be sent to us with a SAE. Once you have received the quote all you have to do to order is to return it along with your remittance. Don't forget to add Postage and Package and a self addressed label.

Post and Packing

UK members should add 20% for all orders, with a minimum of 1.20 and a maximum of 9.50 and payment made payable to the LE VELO CLUB LTD. Overseas members must add add 40% (35% postage + 5% PayPal fee) to the cost of the parts to cover the cost of postage and the PayPal facilities. Overseas orders can be made payable by PAYPAL (see SPARES SCHEME on the Services page and Spare Parts for Overseas Members on the Latest News page for more details.)

Ordering Spare Parts - for Overseas Members Only  (Amended 28/03/2015)

Overseas members wishing to order spares for their machines may pay using  PayPal facilities. You may require a PayPal account for this service.

If all the spares required by an overseas Club member are on the web site list, you should make a list of the spares required in numerical order, calculate the total price of the parts, then add 40% (35% postage + 5% PayPal fee). Send a copy of your order & cost by email to When approved, pay the cost of your order to  If not paying by PayPal, deduct the PayPal fee.

Any enquiry by an overseas member for parts not found on the web site should be sent to and await notification as to availability and price. If available, the member will be notified and then can place the order along with any other parts using the method above.

Orders may still be placed direct with Bullers End but if payment is required by PayPal your contact email address must be included with your order.

Post and Packing

All overseas members must add add 40% (35% postage + 5% PayPal fee) to the cost of the parts to cover post and packing and cover the PayPal facilities.

Initially, the parts and part numbers that are required must be sent via Trevor Aston, at his email address or by normal post direct to our Spares Department at Bullers End. If you require to make payments using the PayPal facilities your email address must also be included. The order will then be processed  and a payment will be asked to be made, the member will be emailed with details on how to make the payment at this time. When this payment is received, the Spares Department will be informed and will then dispatch the goods.

If making enquiries by post please enclose an addressed label for the reply.

Note, the added 5% charge of the parts only costs must be added to cover the cost of PayPal for the transaction.

(All parts and part number can be obtained from the Spares List on this web site)


Please remember that we are not a commercial concern. Those running the spares scheme are Club members just like yourself with fairly limited free time. If members follow the steps outlined above, then orders and enquiries can be dealt with promptly. Any order or enquiry which does not follow the above procedure is put to one side to be attended to when time permits.