SPARES PRICE LIST as available at 01/05/2017


UK members should add 20% for all orders, with a minimum of £1.20 and a maximum of £9.50.  All orders must include a self addressed label and cheques made payable to The L.E. Velo Club Ltd.


Overseas members can now use PayPal facilities. Regarding overseas orders, please send your order via email to Trevor Aston  who will processes the order via Bullers End and replies to you with availability and cost. When approved, you then make your payment to (PLEASE NOTE this is not an email address, it is who the payment is made to from your PayPal account) confirmation of payment will then go to Alan Britch, and he will inform Trevor that the funds are now in and the order can be dispatched. Overseas members must add 40% (35% postage + 5% PayPal fee) to the cost of the parts to cover the postage and the  PayPal facilities. Please see more details on the Latest News and the Spares webpage for Overseas ordering.

Trevor takes the weekly orders down to Bullers End every Wednesday, weather permitting, and gets the orders processed.

Any enquiry by an overseas member for parts not on the website list, should be sent to Trevor Aston and await notification as to availability and price. If available, the member shall then place the order and any other parts using the above procedures.


There is a special “one off” postage rate for overseas members ordering items LAS69; LAS70; LAS69/2 and LAS70/2.

This special postal rate is £18 for European members and £23 for Australian members. This rate applies to overseas orders for new legshield assemblies only. Please note all other parts will require the usual P&P charge to be paid.

To download Spares list as a PDF file click here

Carburettor Parts

32/021 Type 19 Carb Float Chamber Gasket £0.80
295/fkit Fuel filter kit for multijet carb £13.28
295/015 Multijet Carb Jets 15 20 25 30cc (each) £2.35
295/016 Multijet Carb Float Chamber Cover Gasket £0.60
295/017 Multijet Carb Mixing Chamber Gasket £0.60
295/039 Multijet Carb Throttle Lever Spring £2.00
295/043 Multijet Carb Filter Cup Washer £1.00
295/049 Multijet Carb Filter Washer £1.00
363/023 363 Carb Float Chamber Cover Gasket £0.80
622/197 Viton Tipped Float Needle for 363 and Type 19 carbs £3.50

Lucas Parts

DSB752 Ford Cortina Contact Breaker Set £5.00
DSB752C Ford Cortina Condenser £6.50
425377 Lucas Contact Breaker Condenser £10.00
54336176 Lucas Ignition Switch Key £3.00
54413020 Lucas Automatic Advance Spring   OUT OF STOCK N/A
54415803 Lucas 4CA Contact Breaker Set £10.00
54419827 Lucas 6CA Contact Breaker Set £7.00

Miller Parts

V22 LE Automatic Timing Unit Spring £0.50
V22V Valiant Automatic Timing Unit Spring £2.00
V25 Ballast Resistance £2.75
62/11P Ignition Pointer with Roll pin   OUT OF STOCK N/A
713606 6V Ignition Coil with Twin HT Leads being a Proven Replacement for the Miller Originals. Can be Fitted on top of the Engine Unit Attached to Crankcase and Gearbox Studs    £33.00
LE541 Miller ignition switch key £2.35

A and B Numbered Parts

A20/2 Rubber Grommet £0.20
A37/5 Oil Filter Stud Gasket £0.20
A37/7 Drain Plug Washer (fits B38) £0.20
A256/4 Rubber Cable Clips £0.50
A287 Oil Filter Cap gasket - bottom £0.45
A288 Oil Filter Element £15.00
A291 Oil Filter Stud Nut £0.50
B22/3 Gearbox Bearing £7.50
B38 Drain Plug (Zinc Plated Brass) £2.50
B38S Drain Plug (Stainless) £2.50
B60/4 Gear Change Rubber (Foot) £2.70
B60/5 Valiant Rear Footrest Rubber £7.25
BK98 Camplate Ratchet Plate £3.50
BT269 Viceroy Speedo Driven Gear £71.35

F and G Part Numbers

F31/3 Steering Head Cup (Valiant) £7.00
F32/3 Steering Head Cone (LE + Valiant) (See also LE352) £8.50
GC23/2 Striking Pawl £8.25
GC24/2 Striking Pawl Spring £3.20

Gaskets Decarbonising Sets

GAS1A suitable for Mk1 LE £5.00
GAS1B suitable for Mk2 LE £5.00
GAS1C suitable for Mk3 LE and Vogue £5.00

Gaskets Full Machine Sets

GAS2A suitable for Mk1 LE £9.50
GAS2B suitable for Mk2 LE £9.50
GAS2CL suitable for Mk3 LE and Vogue (Lucas Electrics) £9.50
GAS2CM suitable for Mk3 LE and Vogue (Millar Electrics) £9.50

Honda Ring Sets (For Club supplied LE Pistons LAS1/6 LAS1/7 and LAS1/8)

130B/12/762 Honda +20 Ring Sets (6 Rings Total) £12.00
130C/12/762 Honda +30 Ring Sets (6 Rings Total) £12.00
130D/12/762 Honda +40 Ring Sets (6 Rings Total) £12.00

K Parts

K100 1/4" Carbon Chrome Steel Ball Bearings (pack of 40) £4.00
K191 Bevel Drive Roller £0.15
KA6/6 Petrol Tank Filler Cap (LE and Vogue) £12.25
KA315/3 Tank Badges (Valiant and Vogue) (each) £23.50

LAS Parts

LAS1/3 Hepolite LE Piston 192cc Standard Size Complete (each)OUT OF STOCK N/A
LAS1/6 Club LE Pistons 192cc +0.030" Complete OUT OF STOCK N/A
LAS1/7 Club LE Pistons 192cc +0.020" Complete OUT OF STOCK N/A
LAS1/8 Club LE Pistons 192cc +0.040" Complete OUT OF STOCK N/A
A "piston complete" comprises piston; piston rings; gudgen pin and circlips
LAS51/2 & LAS52/2 1" Brake Shoes (exchange) (per pair)                                                                                                              £26.50
LAS51/2 & LAS52/2 1" Brake Shoes (Non-exchangeable) (per pair)                                                                                                              £43.50
LAS51 & LAS52 3/4" Brake Shoes (exchange) (per pair) £26.50
LAS51 & LAS52 3/4" Brake Shoes (Non-exchangeable) (per pair) £43.50
LAS55 Damper Tube Assembly £4.50
LAS64 Silencer £75.00
LAS65 Footboard Assembly (each) £40.00
LAS69 & 70 Pair of legshield assemblies (MK1 & MK 2) SEE SPECIAL NOTE FOR OVERSEAS MEMBERS P&P £228.00
LAS69/2 & 70/2 Pair of legshield assemblies (MK3) SEE SPECIAL NOTE FOR OVERSEAS MEMBERS P&P £228.00
LAS91 Speedometer Drive Cable Assembly (MK1 and MK2) £14.35
LAS91/2 Speedometer Drive Cable Assembly (MK3, Valiant and Vogue) £14.35
LAS91/3 Speedometer Drive Cable Assembly (Later Mk3 and Vogue - Grey Faced Speedo) £14.35
LAS97/3 Amal Handlebar Twist Grip   OUT OF STOCK N/A
LAS98 Dip Stick Assembly. £2.50
LAS100 Carrier Assembly. Pillion Seat) Unpainted) £95.00
LAS100/2 LE Rear Luggage Rack £68.00
LAS113 Front Brake Cable (LE) £6.50
LAS113/2 Front Brake Cable (Valiant) £5.00
LAS114/2 Rear Brake Cable (Valiant) £9.00
LAS114/3 Rear Brake Cable (LE and Vogue) £5.50
LAS115 Clutch Cable (Mk1 and Mk2) £5.00
LAS115/2 Clutch Cable (Valiant) £5.50
LAS115/3 Clutch Cable (Mk3) £5.50
LAS116 Throttle Cable (Multijet Carb) £4.00
LAS116/4 Throttle Cable (Valiant (short) 2 Required per machine £4.00
LAS116/5 Throttle Cable (Valiant (long) £2.90
LAS116/8 Throttle Cable (LE Monobloc Carb 363/1) £4.00
LAS116/9 Throttle Cable (LE Monobloc Carb 363/7) £4.00
LAS116/11 Throttle Cable (Type 19/5 Carb) £4.00
LAS125/3C Petrol Tap Cork and Plunger for MK 3  OUT OF STOCK N/A
LAS125/3V Petrol Tap Cork and Plunger (Vogue)  OUT OF STOCK N/A
LAS128 LE Saddle Cover and Sorbo Pad £49.50
LAS129 LE Pillion Seat Cover £26.50
LAS129/SP LE Pillion Seat Sorbo Pad £8.50
LAS130 LE Pannier Bags (Black Vinyl) per pair    £140.00
LAS131 & LAS132 Pannier Frame Assemblies  (per pair only) £51.50
LAS145/2 Propeller Shaft Assembly (Including Muff Coupling) £75.00
LAS146/4 Solid State Rectifier (Fits all bikes) £7.50
LAS150 LE Saddle Cover £41.00
LAS150SP LE Saddle Sorbo Pad £8.50
LAS158 Oil Pipe Assembly (Crankcase to Oil Filter) OUT OF STOCK N/A
LAS158/2 Oil Pipe Assembly (Release Valve Body to Filter) £8.50
LAS159 Oil Pipe Assembly (Oil filter to Crankcase) £8.50
LAS176/2 Valiant Dual seat Assembly (Black Vinyl) £138.50
LAS176/2MB Valiant Dual seat Metal Base £91.00
LAS177 Rear Number Plate Bracket (in primer) £27.00
LAS189/2 Gear Change Link £9.30
LAS195 & LAS195/2 Valiant Exhaust Pipes (chrome) (per pair) OUT OF STOCK N/A
LAS205 Valiant Safety Bar £61.00
LAS208 & LAS209 Valiant Engine Cowls (fibreglass) (per pair)                                                           £49.00
LAS243 Lucas Zener Diode £18.00
LAS318 & LAS319 Vogue Footboards (unpainted)  (see also LE907) per pair £60.00
LAS329 Clutch Cable (Vogue) £5.50
LAS330 Front Brake Cable (Vogue) £4.70

LE Parts

LE6/2 Gudgeon Pin £4.00
RT149 Gudgeon Pin Circlip £0.15
LE10/2 Small End Bush (192cc engine) £1.15
LE11/12 Crankpin (see also LE454/2) £32.00
LE14/3 LE Cylinder Head (3port type) £90.00
LE15 & LE15/2 Inlet and Exhaust Valve (use modern V68 type for both applications) (each) £14.00
LE15/3 Exhaust Valve (Valiant) (old stock) £6.50
LE15/3 Exhaust Valve (Valiant) (new stock) £15.80
LE15/4 Inlet Valve (Valiant) £12.80
LE16 Valve Cotter £1.00
LE22 LE Valve Guide £2.75
LE22/2 Valiant Exhaust Valve Guide and LE669 Valve Guide Circlip. £11.70
LE22/3 Valiant Inlet Valve Guide and LE669 Valve Guide Circlip. £11.70
LE22/4 LE Valve Guide (Oversize) £2.75
LE26 Selector shaft felt washer £0.20
LE28 Bevel Pinion Tab Washer (each) £0.50
LE29 Fixed Spindle Lockring £2.50
LE30/4 Starter Segment. (3 Speed Gearbox) £45.00
LE30/5 Starter Segment. (4 Speed Gearbox) £45.00
LE31 Muff Coupling Only    £58.00
LE36 Valve Spring £1.00
LE36/2 Valiant Valve Spring (Outer) £1.00
LE36/3 Valiant Valve Spring (Inner) £1.00
LE38/2 Crown Wheel £50.00
LE42 Secondary Shaft Oil Seal Collar (3 speed gearbox) (each) £4.30
LE42/2 Secondary Shaft Oil Seal Collar (4 speed gearbox) (each) £4.30
LE44 Primary Shaft Oil Seal Collar                                                                                       £4.30
LE54/4 Camshaft timing gear £30.00
LE59 Starter Pinion £15.00
LE67 Clutch Thrust Rod 2.985 ins £5.50
LE67/2 Clutch Thrust Rod 2.945 ins £5.50
LE67/3 Clutch Thrust Rod 3.025 ins £5.50
LE70 Starter Shaft Return Spring £5.00
LE73 Brake or Clutch Cable Shackle Clevis Pin £1.00
LE74 Brake or Clutch Cable Shackle £1.00
LE75 Filler Plug Gasket £0.50
LE76 Reduction Gear Shaft Oil Seal Collar £4.30
LE93/4 Fibre Clutch Plate (3 required) (each) £9.00
LE95 Clutch Spring Cup £1.50
LE97/2 Clutch Spring (Eight Required) (each) £1.00
LE103 Felt Ring Housing £2.00
LE106 Brake Cam Felt Washer £0.25
LE107 Rear Fork Felt Ring  (2 required) £0.25
LE108 Rear Fork Bell Felt Ring £4.35
LE109/2 Bevel Pinion Oil Seal £1.35
LE110/2 Bevel Drive Cover Oil Seal £1.85
LE111/2 Bevel Drive Oil Seal (Large) £1.85
LE112/5 Valiant Camshaft (NOTE This does not Include LE54/4) £58.20
LE113 Cylinder Head Gasket (Mk1) £1.20
LE113/4 Cylinder Head Gasket (Valiant) £2.55
LE113/5 Cylinder Head Gasket (Mk2 and 3) (Maglam Material) (replaces LE113/3) £1.35
LE136 Hub Dust Cover £4.50
LE144 Bevel Drive Casing Gasket £0.45
LE145 Brake shoe slipper £1.00
LE150 Front Wheel Spindle £9.50
LE150/2 Rear Wheel Spindle (Alloy Forks) £9.50
LE151 Brake Shoe Spring £1.00
LE152/2 Propeller Shaft Spring £1.00
LE163 Oil Pump Idler Spindle £4.65
LE163/2 Oil Pump Idler Spindle £4.65
LE171 Gear Lever Knob £2.50
LE172 Hand Start Lever Rubber Grip £4.20
LE179 Brake Pedal Fulcrum (All LE's) £2.25
LE179/3 Gear Change Lever Fulcrum (Mk 3) £2.25
LE191 Front Fork Tube Circlip £1.50
LE195 Steering Column Dust Cover £2.00
LE196 Steering Head Felt Washer £0.35
LE198 Front Fork Cross Member (Top) £10.00
LE215 Front Fork Slider Tube top Bush (each) £12.00
LE216 Front Fork Tube Bush (each) £5.00
LE217 Rear Spring Leg Bolt Bush £2.00
LE217/2 Rear Spring Leg Bolt Bush (long) £2.00
LE226 Rear spring eyebolt nut £2.50
LE230 Stand Spring £5.00
LE232 Rear Damper Bush  OUT OF STOCK N/A
LE233 Rear Damper Bush Circlip £5.00
LE236 Exhaust Pipe Flange £5.00
LE240 Oil Filter Gasket (Sump Mk1 and 2) (2 required) £0.40
LE245/2 Radiator Water Feed Hose (Bottom) £7.40
LE247 Radiator Fixing Rubber Ring £0.12
LE247/2 Engine and Gearbox mounting Rubber Washer £0.80
LE248/249 LE Exhaust Pipes Chrome only (pair) £75.00
LE250 Exhaust Pipe Clip £4.00
LE252 Radiator Fixing Bolt Buffer £0.12
LE252/2 Engine and Gearbox Mounting Rubber Buffer £0.95
LE269/2 Speedo Drive Gear (4 speed gear box)                                                                                           £25.50
LE282 LE inflator lug (each) £1.10
LE284 Left hand legshield top, single speedometer hole £6.20
LE284/2 Left hand legshield top, speedometer plus oil pressure gauge holes £6.20
LE284/3 Left hand legshield top, plain unpierced £6.20
LE284/4 Left hand legshield top, single oil pressure gauge hole £6.20
LE285 Right hand legshield top, 2 Miller switch holes plus ignition light hole £6.20
LE285/2 Right hand legshield top, Miller switch hole plus ammeter hole £6.20
LE285/4 Right hand legshield top, plain unpierced £6.20
LE285/5 Right hand legshield top, 2 Lucas switch holes £6.20
LE285/6 Right hand legshield top, 2 Lucas switch holes plus ammeter hole £6.20
LE286 Footboard Rubber Matting (LE)  £1.30
LE286V Footboard Rubber Matting (Vogue)  £1.50
LE305 Saddle Spring Seat £15.00
LE307 Saddle Springs (Per pair) £17.80
LE319 Rear Number Plate (shouldered type) £18.50
LE319/2 Rear Number Plate (six digits) £18.50
LE319/3 Rear Number Plate (seven digits) £16.00
LE328 Oil pipe hollow-bolt gasket £0.05
LE335/2 Flywheel Housing Oil Seal £2.00
LE339 Flywheel Housing Gasket £0.45
LE341 Driving Shaft Tab Washer £0.50
LE343 Woodruff Key £1.25
LE345/2 Radiator Water Feed Hose (Top) £7.40
LE345/3 Radiator Water Feed Hose (Top) (with side branch)                                                                 £8.40
LE347 Flywheel Shaft Nut £1.40
LE351 Radiator Filler Cap Gasket £0.25
LE354 Brake Pedal Return Spring £4.50
LE366 3/16" Shakeproof Washer Pack of 30 (Per pack) £1.00
LE367 1/4" Shakeproof Washer Pack of 20 (Per pack) £1.00
LE368 5/16" Shakeproof Washer Pack of 25 (Per pack) £1.00
LE369 3/8" Shakeproof Washer Pack of 20 (Per pack) £1.00
LE370 1/2" Shakeproof Washer Pack of 15 (Per pack) £1.00
LE374 Gearbox Housing Bush £0.90
LE375 Starter Flange Bush £0.80
LE376 Brake Pedal Bush (2 required) £1.00
LE377 Gear Change Lever Bush (2 required) £0.90
LE377 Rear Spring Eyebolt Bush £0.90
LE378 Rear Fork Hinge Pin Bush £4.50
LE383 Wheel Bearing £8.40
LE385 Gearbox Bearing £4.80
LE388 Steering Taper Roller Bearing £11.00
LE389 Cylinder Base Gasket £0.40
LE390 Induction Pipe Gasket £0.30
LE390/2 Carb Stub Flange Face Gasket (Valiant) £0.45
LE391 Exhaust Pipe Gasket £0.60
LE392 Clutch Housing Gasket £0.55
LE393 Gearbox End Cover Gasket (Mk1 and 2) £0.20
LE393/2 Gearbox End Cover Gasket (4 Speed) £0.45
LE394 Gearbox Top Cover Gasket (Mk1 and 2) £0.45
LE394/2 Gearbox Top Cover Gasket (4 Speed) £0.50
LE396/2 Hose Clips (Original Type) £0.25
LE397 Hinge Pin Nut Plate £4.60
LE398 Gearbox Housing Cork Washer £0.20
LE400 Tappet Cover Gasket (Mk1 and 2) £0.50
LE400/2 Tappet Cover Gasket (Mk3) £0.50
LE401 Sump Gasket £1.00
LE403 Petrol Tank Filler Neck RubberOUT OF STOCK N/A
LE405 Tank Felt OUT OF STOCK
LE419 Leg Shield Cover Fixing Lug (see also LE453/2) £0.90
LE428 Cable Swivel £1.50
LE431 Gearbox and Clutch Housing Oil Seal £2.00
LE446 Amal Open Ended Handlebar Grips (Mk1 and 2) (per pair) £27.00
LE449 Air Intake Rubber Sleeve (For Multijet Carb) £9.25
LE452/2 Reduction Gear Shaft Collar £5.25
LE453/2 Leg Shield Cover Fixing Pin £1.00
LE454/2 Crankpin Dowel £1.50
LE455 Gearbox Primary Shaft Lock Ring £1.85
LE459 Licence Holder Glass £1.50
LE467 Name Plate (Medallion) £10.00
LE468 Patent Number Plate (Mk1) £3.25
LE468/2 Patent Number Plate (Mk2) £3.25
LE468/3 Patent Number Plate (Mk3) £3.25
LE477/2 Reduction Gear Shaft Tabwasher £0.50
LE479 Cranked Box Spanner £14.00
LE482 Lock Ring Spanner £18.75
LE489 Carb Stub, Carb End Gasket £1.00
LE490 Hand Gear Lever Rubber Sleeve OUT OF STOCK N/A
LE493 Flywheel Housing, Oil Seal Housing Gasket £0.30
LE506 Oil Pump Housing Bush £0.55
LE514 Rear Mudguard Cover Plate £1.50
LE515 Cylinder Head Nut 1/4" BSF (Special "T" Grade High Tensile) £0.35
LE520 Crankcase Filler Plug. £3.00
LE521 Crankcase filler-plug gasket £0.25
LE524 Flywheel Shaft Sleeve £2.50
LE532 Steering Head Cup (LE) £12.50
LE541 Miller Ignition Switch Key £2.35
LE543/5 Oil Filter Cap (Bottom) (Stainless Steel) £13.00
LE549 Oil Union £1.75
LE555 Driving shaft bearing collar £19.50
LE555/2 Driving shaft bearing collar £19.50
LE557 Main Bearing Collar (Flywheel End Miller) £19.50
LE557/2 Main Bearing Collar (Flywheel End Lucas) £19.50
LE558 Flywheel Steady Bearing Collar (Miller) £19.50
LE558/2 Flywheel Steady Bearing Collar (Lucas) £19.50
LE559 Thrust Washer Inner £4.00
LE560 Thrust Washer Outer £12.50
LE565 Glacier Type M3520 Wrapped Bush (suitable for replacement of main and big end bearings where OD of journals or crankpin are standard)          £1.60
LE566 Driving Shaft Key £3.60
LE567 Flywheel Housing Oil Feed Union £3.25
LE567/2 Crankcase Oil Feed Union £4.00
LE570/5 Oil Filter Cap (Top) (Stainless Steel) £13.00
LE572 Oil Filter Top Cap Gasket £0.45
LE573 Oil Filter Cap Adaptor Gasket £0.12
LE585 Camshaft Bush (Front) £1.20
LE586 Camshaft Bush (Rear) £1.30
LE598 Rear Number Plate Bracket Rubber Beading £1.10
LE608 "Velocette" Transfer (For Each Side of Frame) Water Slide Type £1.15
LE608/2 "Olicana" Transfer for handlebar fairing £1.00
LE608/3 "Avon" Transfer for handlebar fairing £1.00
LE627 Front Mudguard Brake Cable Bracket £1.50
LE654 Valiant Rocker Cover Gasket £1.40
LE665 Gearchange Cover Gasket £0.20
LE677 Valiant Front Footrest Rubber OUT OF STOCK N/A
LE678 Valiant Petrol Tank Buffer (in frame) £3.25
LE681 Valiant Petrol Tank Buffer (on top tube) OUT OF STOCK N/A
LE710 Valiant Petrol Tank rubber moulding £20.00
LE717 Headlamp bracket fixing bracket, top left hand side £2.75
LE718 Headlamp bracket fixing bracket, top right hand side £2.75
LE766 Valiant Compression Plate £3.50
LE807 Lucas Contact Breaker Cover £15.00
LE808 Lucas Generator Cover Gasket £1.30
LE907 Vogue Footboard Support Bracket (to repair a damaged footboard) £9.00
LE939 Gear Change Lever Fulcrum (Vogue) £5.25
LE959 Rear Spring Lug "O" Ring £0.20
LE987+988 Oddie Fasteners for Vogue £1.50

LET Parts

LET783 Fork Lock Ring Spanner £8.50
LET948 Extractor Bolt for withdrawing timing unit (Miller units) OUT OF STOCK N/A
LET949 including LET647/1 Miller Flywheel Puller including protector (set) £45.00

RT - SKC and SL Parts

RT149 Gudgeon Pin Circlip £0.15
SKC 89647-G1 High Tension Collector Assembly £2.00
SKC109020-G1 BTH Generator Armature Bush (2 required) (each) £5.00
SKC/RMAG Ceramic Magnet and Fixing Screw (per pair) £28.75
SL3/80/81/82 Hepolite Piston Rings 50mm (standard) (6 rings) £35.00
SL3/83/84/85 Hepolite Piston Rings 50mm +0.020" (6 Rings) £35.00
SL3/86/87/88 Hepolite Piston Rings 50mm +0.040" (6 Rings) £35.00
SL056/2 2BA Nuts £0.30
SL056/34 Nuts front wheel spindle £0.85
SL6/32 1/4" Zinc Plated Steel Washers (for use under LE515) £0.04
SL57/21 Gear Change Rod Spring Washer £0.25
SL71/2 Cotter Pin £0.10
SL102/5 LE Cylinder Head Stud (Short) £1.00
SL102/20 LE Cylinder Head Stud (Long) £1.90
SL107/5 Legshield Fixing Pin £0.10
SL107/10 Contact Breaker Cam Pin (Miller) £1.50
SL0531/000 Cords Piston Rings 50mm Std (6 Rings)  NOTE: Cords Piston Rings fit Wellworthy Pistons Only OUT OF STOCK N/A
SL0531/020 Cords Piston Rings 50mm +0.020" (6 Rings)  NOTE: Cords Piston Rings fit Wellworthy Pistons Only £28.00
SL0531/040 Cords Piston Rings 50mm +0.040" (6 Rings)  NOTE: Cords Piston Rings fit Wellworthy Pistons Only £28.00

TS Parts

TS281 Flywheel Shaft Tab Washer £1.70

Spark Plugs

Z9YC Champion Spark Plug (LE, Vogue, Valiant) £2.85

Books & Clothing

F70/4R LE Mk3 Service Manual (including P&P) £8.00
F73/3R LE Mk3 Spare Parts List (including P&P) £8.00
  ON THE LEVEL Binders (including P&P) See 'ON THE LEVEL' on the Services Page for ordering information. £6.50
Club "T" shirt with toolbox lid motif. (Medium, Large or Extra Large) only available from Bullers End, please add P&P when ordering. £8.50
Club sweatshirt with LE club roundel badge (Medium, Large or Extra Large) only available from Bullers End, please add P&P when ordering £18.00



This is the complete list of Regalia items that are available at the moment and can be purchased from the Spares Department. Details below.


Cloth Sew on Badge    £2.00                                                    De Luxe Mountable Badge    £5.80


       Key Fob    £2.00                                                                                Lapel Badge    £3.00


   Screen Sticker    £2.50                                                                   Adhesive Backed Badge    £2.50

(Click on any thumbnail to see larger picture.)

The above can be purchased from our Spares Department at the following address :-

Spares Department
Bullers End
43 Bradford Lane